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AI Prototypes

We apply Design Thinking and leverage ML and Python technology to build AI prototype at a faster speed. Our approach reduces potential risks and offers a low cost investment with high value.

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AI Capabilities

AI is a vast field and literally there are 250+ use cases of how AI is applied for a given business function. Our area of focus is very specific within AI space. We offer following capabilities and you can work with us for building a prototype for any of these business functions specific use cases

Do not be shy to learn more about it. Get in touch with us and let’s talk what we can do for your business.

AI Use Cases

How It Works

A thoughtful process that works well. We have simplified our approach so you can have a great experience when engaging with us for building an AI prototype.
A four steps process that covers how we engage from start to finish.

AI Ranker

This is a core part of our business model. People are key to us and we select talent that is suitable for our capabilities. We can execute your prototype faster and deliver outstanding results. The way we make it happen is through identifying, selecting and aligning AI and Python experts to the right use case. A smart algorithm identifies who is the right person for a given use case. Experience the power of top ranked AI/ML and Python experts.

Benefits of Python

At AI Ranker, we prefer Python language because of its versatile features and fewer lines of codes.

Design Thinking

When we talk about design thinking and innovation, here is how we define it and how we practice it. Design thinking is a process and mindset that allows us stimulating innovation by drawing on methods of engineering and design and combining them with ideas from the arts, social sciences, and the business world. We craft all AI prototypes by putting design thinking on every aspect. You would love what we can build for you. Let’s give it a try. Experience the power of design thinking.

AI Cognitive Domains

We can take the challenge for whatever AI domain your use case belongs to.

Machine Perception

We break machine perception primarily into six steps and build prototype that is capable enough to interpret, reason about, and transform sensory data.

AI and Python Technology Stack

We love Python technology stack. We live and breathe everyday with these technologies.

AI Apps Engine - Experience the Power of Conversational AI

AI Apps Engine
Experience the Power of Conversational AI

Buy vs. Build? Not sure what decision you want to make. There are 100+ AI solutions available in market. Leverage our smart AI Apps Engine and it will tell you what app/solution you can leverage for your business function. A trusted and best recommendation that you can ever get.

Why to partner with AI Ranker?

You have many reasons to believe in us and talk to us.

Idea to Prototype

Turn your idea into a workable prototype

Extended Team

Extend your AI development resources

Achieve More

Achieve results in a short period of time

Resource Availability

Access experts with skills not available in-house

Cost Effective

Ease the burden of development cost


Experience the power of innovation